Prayer for England Day 71

In the grand scheme of things we are but a vapour in the atmosphere of an ever increasing universe of matter. That’s the kind of image I am left with after experiencing God in the requests I sometimes make to him. After I cry out and petition him for what I consider to be a world changing reason; in the sense of His picture I often laugh at the size of my problem to my God. Its absolutely nothing. I laugh even louder at people who have the temerity to believe that they are the masters of their own universe who so often try to carve out for themselves a place in society that in some way gives them Glory over a situation.

I was at a meeting earlier today in London that was given to feed back for a very important research project that had taken place nationwide by a well known university. I won’t go into too many details but the people there included high ranking central government officials ranging from Health, Home Office, Police, Crown Prosecution Service and a few more to boot. Part of the project was getting involved within  certain difficult and challenging organisations and the issue I raised is one of the biggest problems we had faced and continue to face. However, after I stood up and made my comments known the whole room went silent and didn’t know how to respond. Then, the person chairing the question time went straight onto someone else and virtually ignored everything I’d said. After the meeting was over I told my colleague that it had left me feeling as though I wished I’d stayed silent. She laughed and said that what I had said had been very poignant but it was such a big issue that nobody knew how to tackle it let alone comment on it.  

I often feel like this in church, we all know what the issues are but sometimes no-one actually wants to deal with it for the sheer enormity and upheaval it may cause. I pray that God will raise up men and women of God who are unafraid of losing any standing within the church and that the Lord can raise boldness and vigour within a church that he is calling to be brave and defiant in a world that is attempting to go their own way.

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