Prayer for England Day 72

Feelings of frustration and irritation I’m sure affect us all at times and speaking entirely as one who feels this way often. I’m drawn to people who are, what I consider to be, real and are open about how they are feeling. I have been a Christian for 30 years and I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people I’ve met who know when to put on the “Christian smile” and tell the world that everything is fine. I’ve actually been that kind of person who doesn’t want anyone to think badly of me and that I am in some way misrepresenting God if I were to tell people how I’m feeling inside. But of course we all know this is nonsense because God knows intimately how we are functioning and how real he wants us to be with him.

I know in the word it says to praise God in everything but if we were to smash our finger with a hammer and then praise God are we being real? There may come a time when the first words on my lips are “praise the Lord” when blood spurts across the floor after I’ve hit my thumb with the afore mentioned hammer but I can categorically say until now that it never has been. When we have an audience people are more likely to be unreal and often say very loudly “praise the Lord” when a mishap occurs. I’ve often thought that the use of this term is quite offensive to God if what is on my heart does not come out of my mouth.

In fact I think if a foul word happens to come out of my mouth after a mishap, then this is more likely to be pleasing to God because at least I’m being real. It is then that I can keep short accounts with God, place my heart in him and say Lord help me for I feel foul inside. As I have said before I often think God offends our minds in order to expose our hearts and for me this has been so true. I know God wants me to be vulnerable with him in order to show the world how great is His Grace and how much he can redeem from a soul such as me who so often comes across as offensive and short tempered.

If I’m not real my righteousness is as filthy rags to God. Being in Him and accepting His Grace and righteousness has completely changed my relationship with Him.

I am continuing in my prayer for this country and I humbly ask God for his people to be real and affective for him in the world. When the world comes flocking into the church they don’t want pretence but they need to feel validated by a group of people who love Jesus and can be as real as they dare to be. I dare you to be real, it makes all the difference. 

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