Prayer for England Day 74

Faithfulness is a strange thing to prove because ultimately it means never giving up amid the times when you desperately want to. I’ve been feeling like this for a few days now which is  mainly to do with this prayer task I believe I’ve been set. The task is far bigger than me and in my own understanding and strength I cannot begin to fathom how God will transform what has become something that I’m not sure is ever going to work. I don’t want to lose faith but I have been experiencing such resistance in my flesh to actually make the time to pray. Every time I just decide to do it, but it really is taking more effort as the days go by. I keep telling myself to push through amidst the pain and discomfort and then I remember the pain of my forefathers who have prayed in the most incredible circumstances and seen awesome changes within communities around the world. Well known prayer warriors within the Christian community that have seen the most amazing miracles have persisted in prayer and seen the world change before their very eyes.

The more I discover about what God has placed on my heart and the awful decisions that were made by the British against the Jewish nation in the early part of the 20th Century the more low in spirit I become. I feel as though my spirit is bearing a burden which I cannot hold. Well, I’m not going to hold it; because in my own strength it will crush me. I pray that the Holy Spirit will take this burden and fill me with a love so naturally supernatural that the love of God will flow through me to the people I meet who appear to be so not-understanding of what it is I am asking God to do. I pray that the anti-Semitism and racism I experience on a regular basis will teach me how to function within a spiritual realm I am still exploring. Please join me in this prayer task and ask God to re-light this nation for Him in order to enable this country once again to flourish in the name of God.

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