Prayer for England Day 75

What is morally wrong cannot be politically right

William Gladstone 1809-1895

Powerful words indeed and if Gladstone were alive during the time of the British mandate to Palestine would he have had enough courage and strength to stop the incredible decisions made that have brought shame and judgement upon our nation? I’d like to think he would have at least tried.

The British, at the time of the mandate given to them by the League of Nations to facilitate the return to and creation of the land of Israel for the Jewish nation, had other interests. These interests were driven by the Suez canal, a through route to India, part of the British Empire, and British Petroleum during this time were drilling for oil in Iraq. The British government at the time saw the need to protect their own interests above the innocent lives lost to the Final Solution in Hitler’s Germany. A dark and painful chapter in history.

In July 1938 President Franklin D. Roosevelt called a conference in Evian, France to discuss with 32 nations the increasing numbers of Jewish refugees attempting to leave Germany and the rest of mainland Europe. Great Britain attended the conference on one condition, that Palestine or the mandate would never be mentioned for the duration of the conference. Out of the 32 nations Great Britain was the only one who agreed to take 10,000 refugees, which was provoked by the “night of broken glass” where in Germany Jews were hunted and forced from their properties. This night 100 Jews were murdered in the streets whilst homes and synagogues were set ablaze.

There lies one good deed but this unfortunately was only one short hiatus before things again turned against the Jews. I’ll continue more on this tomorrow but for now I continue to cry out for mercy and grace upon our nation and that this dark stain on the character of this country can be reconciled before God and that we can discover our purpose before God to become the Shepherd nation I believe God has called us to be.

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