Prayer for England Day 77

Some decisions made by politicians quite often don’t make sense to us who are forced to live by the outcomes of these political edicts. There are few ministers in parliament today who simply do not have what I consider to be a back bone to defy the chief whip in the House of Commons.

I have researched some of our political heroes of the past and sometimes what they have said publically and then acted on privately is actually quite alarming. I don’t know whether being a politician can ever be a job that is possible to do with integrity that is without reproach. Those that try generally have to resign in shame or are shamed for things that most people would never have known.

I do understand that difficult decisions have to be made and there are no harder decisions ever to be addressed than those in war. Winston Churchill although publically always stated his support for the plight of the Jewish nation, but his private decisions didn’t always appear that way.  The re-shaping the borders of Trans-Jordan in favour of the Arabs was made on the orders of Churchill after the agreement to allow the Jewish nation to settle was agreed with the League of Nations.

Other decisions were made and one that I strangely can understand, but nevertheless in hindsight, I believe was the wrong thing to do; because doing nothing actually cost more lives. This issue was the bombing of the railways into some of the death camps in Poland and Germany during WWII. The British and the allies had the opportunity to Bomb camps such as Auschwitz, Belsen and Sobibor which were all extermination camps. The allies may well have killed many Jews but this act would have frustrated the Nazi cause and thus quite likely have saved further lives. Apparently Churchill and Roosevelt were at loggerheads over this and until recently I always believed it was Churchill who had wanted to carry out the bombings. Sadly it was the other way round Churchill frustrated the efforts pressured by Franklin Roosevelt.

I find it strange that years later when our ancestors have made poor decisions, we, who are left behind try to minimise and re-flavour the past in order to make it more palatable and easier to live with. I pray that we can pray with vigour and energy concerning the truth and integrity of out ministers and politicians in order to further the Glory of God in our world today and the future.

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