Prayer for England Day 84

After the holocaust had come to light the Jewish people that hadn’t been killed, were taken into what the allies called “displacement camps”; with an untrained eye there was absolutely no difference in how they looked compared to the extermination camps in Germany and Poland. The Jewish people that were in these displacement camps felt a sense of relief only because they knew they were not going to be sent to the gas chambers. The ‘sense of relief was immense’, so say some of the survivors. ‘In contrast it really was a holiday camp’ said others.

The British at this time were still keeping the Jewish nation out of what is now Israel and were actively seeking to break international law without any sense of guilt or shame. There were a large number of Jewish sympathisers who were either British soldiers or female workers who were responsible for sending out orders to the Royal Navy. Interviews with some of these individuals seemed heart-breaking when taking into account the risks they made for themselves in frustrating the efforts that were being asked of them.

The British appeared frustrated that what ever actions they took to frustrate the return of the Jewish nation to their promised land that they polled some 19,000 Jews. They were asked where would you like to be sent 97% of them said Palestine. They were then asked if Palestine wasn’t an option where would you like to go? They all apparently said “The Crematorium”.

Such was their determination and demand for Justice that they were all prepared to die for something they believed to be right. There is the obvious admiration for these decisions but I wonder how many of us could imagine what this reality actually felt like when making statements to people you knew might even carry it out. The British were actually compared to Hitler after the war had ended because of some of their continuing poor decisions.

I’ll continue tomorrow on the promises that were broken and the lies that continued after Winston Churchill lost the election to Clement Attlee. Sadly, Clement Attlee was recently called one of the Labour party’s greatest heroes. I’d like to think Winston Churchill’s comments about him were rather more accurate; “A modest little man with much to be modest about”.     

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