Prayer for England Day 85

Clement Attlee won the 1945 general election and leading a broken country from everything that war does to a nation to what he considered was a “better way of life”, he created the National Health Service and other social reforms including the welfare state. Attlee was responsible for the first signs of the crumbling of the British Empire with him securing independence for both India and Burma.

In light of the promises that Labour had made to the Jewish people of giving them unfettered access to Palestine, pre-election rhetoric, they very soon completely reneged on everything their manifesto had declared. Is this lying and cheating something that has become endemic to politics? Are we still under this spirit of deception and lies? In comparison to todays politics it would appear that we haven’t come very far down this very slippery road.

Attlee made Ernest Bevin his Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and one of his first decisions in that role was to put into place further restrictions preventing the Jewish nation from reaching “The Promised land”. Ernest  Bevin was verbally abused almost wherever he went and there were demonstrations by Jewish sympathisers virtually following his every footstep. This shocked and surprised the Jews at the time because they fully believed the Labour Party would give them everything they were legally entitled to by international law which was enforced unsuccessfully by the league of nations.

It makes me curious when you look further into Ernest Bevin’s background from a young man he was very much an evangelical believing Christian and in his early twenties became a Baptist minister. Bevin now in his mid twenties joined the Labour party and then it was as if he had succumbed to an anti-Semitic spirit and turned his back on God and everything that stood for righteousness within the corridors of power. This makes me very curious as to the strength of the spirits of darkness that appear to be so prevalent within the walls of the establishment.

I pray that our government will see these issues for what they are, I pray that the scales of deception fall from the eyes of those in power and that God will raise up men and women of integrity to secure this nation for God’s eternal glory.

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