Prayer for England Day 86

I have been reflecting the last few days on the sometimes unfathomable ways that our eternal enemy has infiltrated the corridors of power. There are those people, some I have met, who are a particular type of person where outcomes are the most important thing in their world and in order to show an outcome that will benefit them or their policies, will go to any lengths whether honourable or not, in order to achieve their goals. In the area in which I work a man who has an honourable reputation and has been with this company for over 20 years took on a promotion and within 3 months has resigned because he was asked to do things that were in contrast to his personal beliefs and that he had no peace with.

I feel aggrieved that people within this country are happy to allow such things, but if we look deeper into this subject it has become part of our heritage where we have allowed the decisions of a few to affect generations to come. This isn’t something that is irreversible  we can still make things count for God should we be so determined.

I was considering this subject this morning when I was on my way to work and the fact that we have become known as a nation that has been OK with accepting second best shouldn’t come as any surprise. I wrote a previous post on this very subject, if we have failed God in something he entrusted us with that was so precious to him, isn’t it any wonder that this is the precise attitude we are plagued with.

I think of it in terms of trauma. If a person at a young age has been traumatised by an emotional event and has not been allowed to  heal though receiving appropriate levels of nurturing and comfort then it is as if their emotional state is frozen in time and their default position emotionally is the unconscious recalling of the initial event.

We as a nation have a default position of failing and deception and it is this default position that can only change by our national repentance towards the atrocities that we perpetuated towards Israel in the early part of the last century. Please join me in praying and interceding for this country to incline our hearts towards a forgiving and gracious God who will ultimately turn this nation into a position of glorifying our position in the world for Him. 

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