Prayer for England Day 87

How long can a nation stay angry with another? It is understandable that Israel is and has remained angry with Britain for the best part of a century now, and often I have wondered how long is it appropriate to stay angry?

I think I mentioned some time ago that a local senior Police Officer in London had a son ,who was also a Police Officer, murdered in the line of duty. The father of the son chose to forgive the man who had taken his son almost instantly. I always felt there had to be a process of forgiving as I have always been very much a non-forgiving person and the inability to allow what I always believed to be a weakness regularly overwhelmed me. It embarrasses me sometimes to think of myself as a Christian when I know in my heart I can hold so much contempt for someone I feel aggrieved by.

It just so happens I met a personal friend of this now retired Police Officer about 6 weeks ago and we were discussing this very thing and how I couldn’t quite understand how this man had forgiven such a huge and breathtakingly despicable act. This friend said that it was a simple act of obedience to the Father and a heart decision to say yes” I will forgive you. When he had made this decision everything that did not make sense before suddenly became clear. This Police Officer apparently had immediate peace about what he had decided to do in his heart and continues to be at peace with his decision.

I have often wondered how many families and individuals in Israel would be willing to accept an invitation into the home of what is in effect the home of a murderer if the invitation were to be to London. As the above story illustrates; it is the decision to forgive that is the biggest step forward and once that courageous step of faith is taken everything else makes sense and falls into place.

I pray that when Britain takes the step of repentance forward, which will only be a matter of time. I pray the nation we apologise to can find it in their hearts to forgive us for the irresponsible and  blatant acts of corruption and murder this nation displayed towards Israel.

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