Prayer for England Day 88

July 11th 1947 the SS Exodus renamed for the journey, Exodus 1947, left the port of Sete in France with 4554 Jewish passengers on board. The ship was deliberately chosen for its lack of sea worthiness and was thought that it would not be prevented from entering international waters because of its fragility. It was thought that the British would deliberately leave it alone believing it would be bad press for the Royal Navy and the authorities should they attempt to frustrate its destiny.

This event was the precursor to Israel having their permanent state being made possible by the League of Nations. The Exodus 1947 finally reached Haifa and was rammed by the HMS Ajax, a British ship trying to prevent it from docking in port. The Exodus 1947 was very badly damaged and if it were not for the quick thinking of the commander, Yossi Harel, who instructed pumps to be used the ship would have sunk. The ship itself was made of wood and was no match for a British Royal Navy war ship.

The passengers on board were not allowed to disembark and after many days of political pugnacity the Jewish passengers were forced from the ship onto 3 prison ships that were to take them to Cyprus to be held in displacement camps. Ernest Bevin wanted to make an example of the passengers and had agreed to send all the immigrants back to France. France had refused to take the passengers if they did not alight the ships peacefully. When the ships arrived in France, no-one would alight so Bevin decided to send them all back to Germany which he did, and this is where they stayed until the agreement to create the state of Israel was finally signed and ratified.

This caused a furore in the international press and it was around this time that Bevin resigned and Britain then handed back the responsibility for Palestine to the League of Nations. There were many meetings that Britain and the USA were not invited to but in their absence agreement was made for the state of Israel to be born.

This caused further bloodshed as the Arabs immediately swore to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. A small but amazing nation was created and has been protected by God ever since. I continue to pray that God will flood this nation with a spirit of repentance for our acts of brutality and aggression towards the state of Israel. I also pray that our nation will fully realise it potential in God and for us to have a real and meaningful relationship with Israel personally and internationally.

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