Prayer for England Day 90

Repentance is a form of sacrifice which means having to give up or change long term entrenched beliefs or behaviours. Repentance can be extremely painful because if we are serious, it means having to break the mould that has shaped the exposure to our everyday beliefs that resolve short term recovery. Every action we take sows a seed that will reap a harvest  for the future. It has become very fashionable to maintain a short term view of where we want to be in the future. There are some that have coined the popular phrase “a fast food mentality” or “the hamburger generation” that if we decide we want it we can have it right now and feel good about it, unfortunately it often leaves us feeling unsatisfied to the point when we look for the next hit.

We are currently reaping the decisions of past generations that wanted a road to recovery which, in my opinion, was short sighted. When WW II ended in 1945 Clement Atlee placed us on a road that was destined to break the back of the British Empire. He had the power to reverse the previous decisions that were made towards Israel but maintaining our relationships with the Arab nations above the legal requirements towards what was known as the Jewish problem was the beginning of the end. Britain was in economic starvation and the need for oil which was promised by the Arab nations in return for keeping Palestine closed to the Jews was undoubtedly a catastrophic mistake.

The ability to trust God in the things that remain unseen is an act of faith few have had the courage to maintain. I pray that we can have a nation that will consider a long term view and trust God in hearing the Holy Spirit so that Britain can be healed and pursue the Father’s eternal glory.

I pray for Christian spirit filled believers to flood the halls of power in this country and to maintain a healthy and long term view of where God wants to take us. I pray those in power who continue to follow the contrasting view of God will be exposed and expelled from the corridors of decision making and that integrity and honour will return to this country.

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