Prayer for England Day 91

I don’t know how this prayer task is going to conclude but with the sheer weight of realisation on how things need to change in order to get back to where God wants us to be, I feel at times, is completely overwhelming. The on-going element of Islamism and the growing evangelisation of our young men towards this paradoxical faith concerns me deeply as a  Christian. It is, in my opinion, part of the judgement of God that has allowed this country to be flooded by an anti-Semitic bias that has run deep within the spiritual psyche of our nation.

It is the Jewish communities that has attracted far right wing groups as well as Islamic Jihadi followers to bully and collectively damage Jewish monuments and places of worship. It is these unrighteous and duplicitous agreements locally and nationally that  appear to avoid all contentious issues against Islam. If a Christian were to speak out in favour of righteousness or to actually speak out in favour of the Christian Church then it is the  Church who are castigated as being fundamental and paranoid beyond rationality. This has been going on for some time but it has been so gradual we, the church, have been slow in realising the heat that is about to cook us.

I use the term heat in remembrance of how a lobster is cooked in a restaurant kitchen a healthy live lobster enters a warm bath of water while it is heated slowly. The lobster thus falls asleep not knowing that it will become a meal for a paying guest. I feel at times the church has become very much like the unsuspecting lobster and is unlikely to awake its fate due to its slumber and inability to know how to fight the fight. I implore the church in this country to rise up and be unafraid to be unpopular. Write to your Members of Parliament and insist that we have a nation that is repentant and a firm desire to escape the current judgement upon us. We have a loving and gracious God who desperately wants us to further His kingdom and find our place in history in His favour. 

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