Prayer for England Day 93

I continue to pray for the government in this country to exercise its moral compass and for them to realise the time is at hand for the electorate to start to ask challenging questions. I have met many people recently who appear to have given up on politics and to stop caring about the state of the nation. If we, the church, stop caring then who is left? I pray for Christian men and women of our country to rise up in the spirit of The Lord and to take issues with political skill and know-how and to be unafraid of becoming unpopular.

There doesn’t appear to be many politicians who have the relationship with God that is required to go forth and have no fear of what lies ahead. In fact I don’t know of any who are currently in the house who can merit favour with God. I know of many who appear to have little more than a nominal faith which in my view isn’t enough. I pray that this time of difficulty, when Christians are losing their jobs, for Christian  men and women to perhaps consider entering politics as an act of faith so this will cause those in power to sit up and listen to those who are inspired by the Holy Spirit. The moral compass can swing back within what has always appeared to be a closed door profession and the corridors of power can once again raise their head knowing that we as a nation are a formidable state who is pursuing the righteousness and will of the living God.

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