Prayer for England Day 94

So long as I can remember during my time spent as a Christian I have always seen so clearly that if anything is worth having it is usually been worth the waiting. The one thing that amuses me the most about God is that he could give us whatever it is we have been expecting but he won’t allow it until we have changed something deep within ourselves that ultimately allows Him to have the glory. I love that, well, if I’m really honest I love it now because I am willing to be changed and challenged at every opportunity. There was a time when I kicked and struggled with God at every turn and continued to fight and rebel when I couldn’t get my own way. I can see after many years how foolish I’d been and how easy life is when you decide to go His way.

There is another way Christians often fail in the things of God that if something works well then it must be right. I don’t agree with that, I have asked God’s opinion about something and more often than not he will cause me to work in a different way and one that on the first understanding appears to be completely wrong and problematic. If I have ignored his promptings then I have paid the price of ignorance and refusal to listen to a God that knows infinitely more than I. What is wonderful though when you decide to go God’s way the fruit has always longevity and the results touch many more people than you could have ever imagined.

Unfortunately we live in a broken world who has yet to learn the nature of God and to see that His ways are not necessarily the easiest. The decisions made by Britain towards Israel were certainly the easiest because they bore the biggest and quickest return from the Arab world in a nation that was desperate to return to abundance after WWII. The biggest mistake Britain made was ignoring God’s way and broke the promises they had signed up to under the Balfour Agreement of 1917. I continue to pray and intercede for our government that they will have a revelation of His ways and repent completely for the appalling decisions made towards God’s people. It will be a blessing worth the waiting.

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