Prayer for England Day 95

The perfect storm is a phenomenon given to a specific weather  event that creates a storm that is like no other. Not being a meteorologist I’m not sure of all the technical data that is needed for this phenomenon to happen but with certain low pressure here and wind direction there, it generally is an event worth avoiding due to its awesome power.

I was praying recently and the term I have only heard before about the above was in a film of the same name. The storm caused the deaths of a group of fishermen that were caught in this weather event out at sea. All the ingredients had to be right at the same time for this storm to cause such devastation in a given area, now stay with me on this; If the area were to be England lets say and, the ingredients for this perfect storm were everything we have seen in the last 10 years all happening at once. Things like the floods that happened on the south coast, fuel shortages, nationwide riots in the streets, mass unemployment, terrorist attacks. Do follow me?

What If everything above just happened at the same time? The events I’ve mentioned above all appeared to catch us off guard and devastate the nation, so what if they all happened together? We would be a nation ultimately desperate but would we be crying out to God to intervene? Would it take this level of destruction to get our attention? I pray that it doesn’t come to this. I continue to pray for God to have grace and mercy on our nation. I fully believe that the hand of God is slowly being removed from our nation and what He needs us to be doing is becoming more spiritually aware and, to stop competing with each other on spiritual matters. The enemy often causes us to argue and compete with each other in order to take our eyes from the important things of God. Lets stay together and reach the heights He intended for our country to fulfil His intentions. I feel a level of desperation in my spirit, I continue to cry out for mercy and grace to instil a spirit of repentance on this country for our past behaviour towards Israel. Lets not experience a Perfect Storm.

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