Prayer for England Day 96

Motivation is an interesting concept when you feel that all you want to do is give up. The things that motivate us more, are often those that guarantee us a reward and when we have realised this we appear to receive the inspiration and drive to continue in whatever it is we need the encouragement. I’ve been feeling somewhat lacking in my motivation recently and when this has been brought before God the stillness and peace returns knowing that He governs and instils in us a dream and sense of completeness to push on to further the Father’s glory.

Whenever I’m reminded that I am on this earth to fulfil the Father’s glory I am quietly pleased that my pride isn’t being affirmed. This blog has become such a significant issue in my life at present I keep having to remind myself that I only blog after I’ve prayed for this nation. I started this way just so the discipline would create within me a behaviour that would instil a desire to pray, even though my own desire is to write. After all it is in my writing that I believe God has gifted me and it is in this discipline that I’ve learned to continue and to push through the difficult times.

I went to a church organised breakfast earlier today where there was a Christian ex-Olympian speaking about his experiences and how he is motivated to continue achieving the things God has placed in his heart. It was a very simple message but very timely and very poignant for people who feel like there is no time left for them. I noticed that his normal audience would be young people, but the audience he had today were mostly over 40 and, it is I believe, a generation that need to be encouraged in the things of God. I do feel that my generation are the age that the world and in some case the church actually stops addressing because they are thought to be those that have achieved it, whatever it is, and therefore are pushed aside in choice of the young. What the young do not possess is wisdom and experience.

I have seen many young men come through the church over the years and usually they are incredibly gifted. Their gifting has become so prominent within their personality that their desire, energy and enthusiasm has been difficult to deny. When these young men have unconsciously exalted themselves rather than having God exalt them their gifting has appeared to destroy their faith in our eternal Father. I know many young men who have become disillusioned with God because they don’t necessarily feel their gift has taken them where they felt it should. I include myself in this description is some respects but thankfully I had people around me who caused me to think differently about where God wanted me to be placed.

I pray that the church in this country can learn to value the older generation and to have them reach out and be included in mentoring young men and women of God. I pray that my generation can be uplifted and be uplifting for the young giving them a desire and ability to know the Father in an intimate and personal way.

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