Prayer for England Day 97

With one united heart we as a church could change the spiritual face of the nation. If we as a nation could then approach the rest of the earth with one united church then the spiritual face of the earth could be changed in the twinkling of an eye. I believe that is precisely how God intended England to be used within a global outreach mind-set.

I do feel that the way we do church and the way we have been conditioned to do and think of church is not quite how God intends for his church to grow. I know this is a contentious issue but I feel that God is in the process of shaking our mind-set and conditioning in how we consider church to be. The hierarchical type church that is most evident in the UK today is the church that the Romans put in place 2 thousand or so years ago when the church that was already here was in fact the Celtic church. The Celtic church majored on relationship and the building up of the spiritual self rather than a format of dogma and dominion that put in place status over each other in the sense of minister as the head of a building.

The Church of England is the overwhelming symbol of hierarchy in this country and the format has plundered its way through society in many different ways over the centuries.  I have a sense that God wants to destroy church as we know it but in order for this to happen we first need to know Him in a deep and intimate way. 

This particular subject is actually very deep and wide and there simply isn’t time to go into depth within this blog but I would encourage you to look further into the concept of Church without walls and the reimagining of church that I believe God is promoting into the hearts of those that know Him deeply. I pray for a deeper understanding of our Father God who is desperate to see his children yearn for a more authentic sense of spiritual self and development in knowing and loving Him.

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