Prayer for England Day 98

To be victimised or traumatised vicariously means to be emotionally affected by the telling of another’s story or so emotionally impacted in the hearing of it that the person affected needs clinical assistance themselves. If it wasn’t for my training as a therapist and knowing how to cope with vicarious trauma I would have undoubtedly needed some clinical assistance after hearing the traumas concerning the repatriation of Jews during the Palestinian mandate period.

The one thing I’m really grateful for is that I still am affected by hearing such things. The young people I work with are surprisingly numb to such events and the feelings of others who have suffered such immense pain and suffering. I have been praying for the church to rise up in strength and sensitivity, so those affected by trauma who are coming into our church in this country can feel safe and loved. The pain and suffering of families from eastern Europe is a particularly recent phenomenon that is causing local issues in certain parts of the country. I’ve been praying for understanding for people who were born in this country and feel they are not being heard by those in authority and whose opinions don’t feel considered when political policies concerning foreign nationals are made.

Multiculturalism is one of those ideals that in my view simply doesn’t work. It appears to be a totalitarian attitude that insists that everyone has to accept each other for who they are but it is the Christian community that are being made to continue in silence and suffering with no voice. Multiculturalism is a form that is being increasingly dogmatic in its approach to the church and it is the one weapon of the enemy that is being used by Islam to further its cause.

I have to be very careful here in what I’m saying but the facts are in history. Multiculturalism when you trace it back through time is very reminiscent of Nazism. Its also very similar to the views held by the British authorities concerning the Jewish nation, being kept from going back to the promised land of Palestine pre-1948. It’s a totalitarian view in that anyone who stands against it, has the world and his brother on their back and the full weight of the law ready to prosecute anyone who strays from the party line. I pray  the church can action specific prayer and warfare against such views because it is in this style of government that I believe we need to stand against due to the spiritual temperature that we are currently finding ourselves. 

I pray the church can learn how to deal with their vicarious trauma so they are not traumatised into disharmony or unable to be affective for Him and His glory.

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