Prayer for England Day 100

There’s no getting away from it this exercise of praying for England everyday for 6 months has become a burden. I only say that because I haven’t seen much that gives me encouragement to continue. The fact that I have reached 100 days with consistent daily prayer asking God to forgive us for our appalling behaviour towards Israel during the early part of the last century, keeps me going, just. I have no idea what will happen I just felt so confident when I started, I will continue, but man alive, I struggle to continue the same mantra like prayer. Although different words are used the same continuous string of sentiment goes heavenwards.

When I started praying I had no idea about the level of disturbing behaviour that I would uncover and that such a dark spell in our nation’s history ever existed. It all started with a conversation with a friend in a pub and he told me some things about the early part of the British mandate and that he considered Britain had betrayed Israel. A few weeks later I went to spend a few days visiting family and they had a DVD which outlined the whole story. That was my first God like confirmation that I was on the right track in what I should be interceding for. The rest of the story is in most of the previous 99 days of blogging. 

I am continuing in my 6 month challenge and if you need to understand what that is all about please look at the very first blog I did in this series which outlines the whole idea. If you feel so inspired then please join me in prayer and do get in touch with any insights or ideas for further prayer.

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