Prayer for England Day 101

One of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced is meeting someone after 25 years or more and realised very quickly that they haven’t changed at all. They still have the same attitudes, the same outlook in life and the same hostilities to people they had all those years before. I find it incredibly sad that a person can go all that time and never question themselves or self reflect on how the world responds to them and not accept any personal responsibility for the part they had to play in the process.

People like the person described above have always bothered me because in their own frustration and anger they set themselves up as a “type of saviour” that considers the world needs to change because they are the only one who can make sense of it. In their own lack of self understanding they believe they can change the world if the world around them can see how much discontent is being experienced. There is only one saviour and his name is Jesus. I believe that to fully understand this is, in itself, completely freeing and  healing.

When a nation behaves in the same way as the person described above, that really is unsettling; but unfortunately that’s where I believe we are as a nation. The political element to our nation’s make-up unfortunately has failed to self-reflect on its past and to take into account  how things might or could have changed for the better. It is in the function of governmental and political process that is fundamentally the biggest internal weapon we have used to destroy or sabotage the intentions of God for this country.

I am an optimist, however, and with continued trust in our eternal Father for a nation that He entrusted with the repatriation of the Jewish nation to Israel. I believe that we can become a nation that is Great once more. I do believe that we can repent and claim our spiritual inheritance in His kingdom for our appalling behaviour towards the Jewish nation. 

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