Prayer for England Day 102

I think cursing and the term “to curse” is poorly understood in the church and due to the church’s view on spiritual gifts it remains a topic that people seem reticent to study. I was fortunate enough to spend my first 20 years as a Christian in a church that had a very acute understanding of such matters and as a result I have always remained grateful for the teaching which has held me in good stead.

I work with very angry and volatile young people and they have no compulsion in cursing people when in a foray of anger towards someone who they believe to have disrespected them. More often than not it is because someone has said no to them and attempted to lay down boundaries. It is my understanding that society, if this is the way they are behaving, is under a curse where they have reaped the spiritual, moral and social decline brought on by this countries disobedience to God’s voice. It is a heart-breaking and often exhausting spirit to be in the company of and as a Christian I don’t believe we have to live under it we can be above it and have command over it. The only thing is, it continues to establish itself  in our schools, colleges, banking system, police service and just about every other aspect to our nation’s infrastructure.  

I have noticed in the last few years that the church itself has become victim to this curse in the way some teaching has become rather stoical and lacking in any vibrancy towards the things of the spirit. There is an enormous spirit of unbelief in the church and this is due mainly with the church maintaining a belief in worldly wisdom. The things of God are rarely seen at first hand or received because they don’t appear to fall into the realms of a wisdom we live and breath everyday.

Whenever I pray for or about something I don’t necessarily act on the first thing that comes to mind. Having said that, it is the first thing that comes to mind that is sometimes so extreme and in my worldly wisdom I have been guilty of rejecting it. It is good to reflect and consider and not to be impetuous in the choices we make.  I have come to the conclusion that it is good to allow God to repeat himself and if it is the first thing we hear that God is prompting us to do then have faith to act on it, after-all in my experience their is no such thing as a mistake in God’s thinking. He can turn the earnest of mistakes into a winning recipe for His glory.

I continue to pray for the church to hear and understand spiritual dimensions. I pray for a fresh and releasing move of the Holy Spirit to sweep across our nation and to move us into a deep and repentant relationship with our eternal Father.

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