Prayer for England Day 103

Yesterday I talked about the young people in society who are rude and aggressive and do not appear to have any respect for authority amid their own struggles with emotional pain and discomfort. Unfortunately this attitude is not unique amongst the young; I have witnessed on several occasions when shopping, the most incredible  aggressive attitudes in both men and women of a certain age which shocks me to the core. The instances I have witnessed have been nothing more than an oversight or an accident by a passer-by only to have someone completely over-react with the most obscene outbursts which have virtually brought people to tears.

The moral decline in our society is certainly part of the curse I spoke of yesterday. People appear unable to assess, evaluate and decide the most appropriate action. Their default position is the emotion they are closest to, how sad is this when society is so angry there is no room for forgiveness in their hearts. People’s hearts appear to be so hardened and numb to the most innocent of behaviours, rather than smiling and moving on they are willing to kill if their feelings are threatened. Unfortunately this is only likely to get worse if we don’t start to challenge the threat to our national behaviour.

When I was a young child it was seen to be acceptable to be reprimanded by a stranger if you were found to be lacking in respect. Now you can at least expect a punch in the face or seemingly waste your time making a complaint because the law is loaded against the innocent.

The world is indeed turned upside down with the language that our young people use to the laws that are decreed in the name of human rights. It all seems too much and more often than ever, it is.

My prayers for today are simple give us boldness that we may challenge wrongness. Give us safety that we may gain confidence in knowing that righteousness will prevail. Give us peace and discernment that we can intervene when we see wrong and be the God for someone in need. I pray for our church on a national level to rise up and see the need.

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