Prayer for England Day 106

It feels good to be popular but sometimes we have to feel the pain of becoming unpopular due to holding onto our beliefs and standards that we either, set ourselves or choose to live by. My spirit has been troubled for the past few weeks due to several friendships that have come to a conclusion. These friendships have been long standing but they have slowly drifted and I had to be really honest with myself and ask the questions are they actually doing me any good? Is it worth maintaining a friendship that doesn’t share my eternal outlook on life? These people know how I feel about God and whenever we spoke or met I often felt provoked into defending myself and what I believed, which does tend to exhaust you after a while. The friendships became difficult and dry and no matter how I represented what I believed it appeared to attract even further contempt. I felt these people were actually blind to reason and rationale, I guess you could say they are spiritually blind.

There are some relationships between countries that could be described as above; whether it be Britain as the spiritually blind or another whose reasons and rationale never appears to make any sense. Certainly we could be described as spiritually blind when it comes down to the relationship and broken promises we made towards Israel. The rationale and thought processes behind our behaviour seems to me to be unfathomable. I continue to pray and intercede for the scales of spiritual blindness to fall from the eyes of those in authority. I pray there is a spiritual awakening  for those in the corridors of power to cause this nation to bend the knee in repentance for the betrayal of the Palestinian mandate which was put in place in 1917.

The intervening years up to 1948 saw immense suffering by the Jewish nation and many Jews who had made the dangerous journey to Palestine were then sent back to Europe to face certain death in the camps under the Nazi’s Final Solution programme. I continue to pray that we can raise our hands in acknowledgement of what we did as a nation and go forward in the love and grace of our eternal Father.

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