Prayer for England Day 109

Chambers dictionary entry for Perish / per ‘ ish / vi to pass away completely; to waste away; to decay; to lose life; to be destroyed; to be ruined; or lost. vt to destroy; to ruin; to cause to decay; to distress with cold, hunger etc.

When reading what the word perish means there is no doubt that it is a devastating indictment on whom this curse is laid, are we a nation that is perishing? I fear that we could be in light of God’s words in Isaiah 60:12 “For the nation and kingdom which will not serve you shall perish, and those nations shall be utterly ruined.”

The Hebrew word here for perish is abad (aw bad). This word means to properly wander away, lose oneself. I believe as a nation we have been eroding away and losing our self identity in so many different ways. The rise of so many false beliefs and initiatives that start by telling us that to follow them will give us a stronger sense of self and a deeper sense of unity in society. All these initiatives have done is to fractionalise society into many smaller aspects, so much so that we have become weak and inconsequential. It is my view this is the one reason the church as a whole is being marginalised; because as the church is intended to look and act before God, is a strength yet to be fully experienced by the state. I believe they have a spiritual fear of how strong the church can be and I don’t believe the church themselves have fully recognised its spiritual strength and significance.

God is in the process of shaking His church and I believe to give to the world a correct version of how He intended church to be. The Romans gave us a church that was hierarchical and this is the church we sold to the world. The Romans destroyed the Celtic church which was one of commitment to each other and built on relationship. I believe God wants to restore this concept within this land. 

I see society falling apart on a daily basis with what I experience in my daily routine at work. I see families who have no hope and no prospect of finding work or positive routine and have no concept of positive role modelling for their children. Children themselves have no understanding of love and how it even feels to be loved unconditionally. I pray that God removes the scales from the church’s eyes in our land and can recognise the need to love those  who on the surface appear to be unlovable.  

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