Prayer for England Day 111

The inevitable part of life that is change, can cause some of us to respond very badly to things that have become internal patterns of behaviour. There are those internal patterns of success and others that relate to failure. I was discussing with a friend about how some of these issues have affected us and I for one have had fears of failure and success because they bring with them massive change. The fear of failure I believe in my own life was very conscious but the fear of success I’m convinced was an unconscious aspect to my personality.  When this fear of success is evident in our lives there is the obvious element of self sabotage. By this phenomenon we limit our outlook and often place ourselves in situations we know we cannot ever think of completing or we fail to follow up on some very important contacts through fear of the unknown.

Very often we have that familiar  inner voice that blames someone else for not contacting us, instead of taking the initiative in making something happen. We say to ourselves things like “well, its not meant to be” or “never mind, next time I’ll be ready”. The truth is if we don’t face this negativity head on we will go to our grave with dreams and goals incomplete.

I believe God places obstructions in our life at times because he wants us to become resilient and dependant on Him. The more I place myself in His hands the more often my successes are quicker and, obviously an answer to prayer. The more I’ve attempted to do something in my own strength the less likely it is to have a positive outcome, this has been my experience. 

I’ve often seen this behaviour within groups and particularly the church. When someone dynamic and outward looking wants to start changing things, quite often they fall at the first hurdle particularly when long standing positions are having their own sense of “inner safety” challenged. There are cycles that often go round and round and if we are experiencing these individually then the chances are we will see them all around us.

I have been praying for the church to encourage their dynamic men and women. Those who have clear views and dreams given to them by God and will cause the spiritual uprising of those that want His glory revealed in todays church.

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