Prayer for England Day 112

What are we willing to tolerate as a nation? If we tolerate awful things do they, then become the norm within a society. There’s so many different avenues to go with this argument but I’m just going to go with how it comes out. Scientists are generally inquisitive people and for the most part I would say they are an industry with brilliant minds at the disposal of all who are paying the dividends. The ethical and moral role we all have to play in society can for some be easy to close ones eyes to. In an environment where research and evaluation is the key to success and “the right answer” is the only key to the right amount of money how would we ever know what the real answer was to the real question.

Hitler’s scientists were for the most part good men but in order for them to keep their own lives did they ever leave the results to be published to others less scrupulous than themselves. Where these brilliant men focused more on “whatever it takes to get funding” and so earn a reputation at a cost? The temptation to earn a great reputation is a universal pull on the heart and it is with caution that we should be furthering knowledge. We worship a loving gracious God who knows everything and  therefore it is with ease that I can say I don’t want to know because my eternal Father is the maker of all. 

Some of the stories I have read concerning Hitler’s scientists are enough to make make one sick to the core so I am not going to further relate these pages with such evil. I feel we all have an investment that is worth something and that we are all our brother’s keepers. We share responsibility for the moral values and behaviour our society accepts and that our children learn and keep for their future advancement.

I continue to pray and intercede for our country’s advancement in science but not to the cost of innocent lives and moral reputation. I continue to pray for this country’s moral agenda to stay clean and willing to oppose those who would desire a blackened heart.

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