Prayer for England Day 113

In light of yesterdays comments around scientific integrity I think it necessary to mention some other related issues that have come to my attention. The substitution of lies for objective information in the service of the “greater truth” of prior conclusions has taken deep root in those areas of the academy where ideology rules. In Melanie Phillips new book “The world Turned Upside Down” she talks about a new branch of postmodernism being created called “ post-normal science”. Normal science discovers facts and then demonstrates a theory from those facts. Post-normal science is the reverse where they start with a theory which is politically sensitive and then make up the facts to influence opinion in its favour.

This is nothing more than corruption at the most severe end of the spectrum where science which should advocate for truth has been sold out for influence and power. I’ve never been much of a believer in conspiracy theories but Phillips goes deeply into the process of how the state is keen for us to believe what they want us to know. It is a book not for the feint hearted but for me it was a read that affirmed my belief in an amazing God that is still at the heart of this nation and everything spoken about assures me of my safety in Him.

I continue to soak this nation in prayer so that a spirit of repentance falls across our nation asking for our eternal Father to continue to have grace and mercy upon us. The grace and mercy so evidently needed because we so blatantly refused to hear the cries of God’s people when they needed us most.

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