Prayer for England Day 114

Dreams for me have always been an important part of life and have inspired me to continue searching God for purpose and destiny. I have often thought about the dreams and visions that people from this country have had which has helped make this nation great. Dreams I believe were given by God and were acted upon. I heard a story today concerning a young man in Victorian England who was staying in a hotel in the east end of London. His dream consisted of a street sign “Wise Street” which in the dream had a ladder going to the top of the sign. He re-told this dream at breakfast and one of the men hearing the story told him this street was in fact just half a mile away “would you like me to take you there” The young man replied that he would like to see it. When they arrived the street sign was exactly as it was in the dream with a ladder going to the top. The young man walked to the top of the ladder and lifted a tarpaulin which was covering the roof and underneath were 25 street children. The young man’s name was John Barnardo, I guess the rest is history.

I haven’t had a dream concerning this prayer task for England but I do believe my actions were the result of a vision. I learned also today that the difference between a vision and a dream is that a vision is given while awake and as a result of some inner prompting I believe this vision was born. I’ve decided to go along with it and as a result I have continued praying and interceding for this countries repentance for its actions towards Israel during the early part of the 20th century.

I will continue being obedient to my God for this action as I am hopeful I will see something incredible. I have no idea what that might be but I will keep you updated as to how things progress. I continue to pray for God to raise up men and women who also have a compatible vision that will see England prosper in the fullness of God, which can only be obtained after a spirit of repentance floods this nation for their sins against the Jewish people.

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