Prayer for England Day 116

I believe my mother prays for me everyday I’ve often felt lifted in the spirit when I’ve needed it most. I’ve been involved in situations over the years that could have seriously hurt me or caused me to become involved in events outside of my control which could have had a catastrophic impact on my future. However, I have always found myself in a safe place within minutes of things going very wrong. God is an amazing God and I am continually grateful for his Love and protection. So grateful in fact that what he has done for me in the past has impacted on how I choose to live my life for the future.

There are pockets of people up and down the country that are praying and interceding for this nation. I met someone recently who has a heart for Israel and we talked in as much detail as time allowed about our respective prayer challenges. This person stated that by praying for Israel it is automatically praying for Britain. I know what they meant by this but my remit in God is to specifically pray for England. Maybe they were right but I strongly feel I need to continue to pray for England to repent towards Israel for the wrong behaviour and evil attitudes we displayed towards the Jewish nation between the years 1917 and 1948. The breaking of the promise under the league of nations mandate towards Palestine was the most heart wrenching wrong I believe I have ever studied and something that has moved me to the core. 

Whenever I mention to people who are neither Christian or Jew that I am praying for Israel they always assume I am praying for the Palestinians and that I have Palestinian sympathies. They usually look at me with the most contemptuous stare and quite often want to argue their case. They never appear to have any idea about the Balfour treaty and the history behind the Palestinian mandate. The problem is that the spiritual blindness is overwhelming and whatever I say they simply would never hear that I could be right.

The people who are praying for this nation are faithful and true and don’t advertise the fact that they pray. Like my mother they are very quietly praying for safety and blessings. I feel after some of the incredible difficulties our nation has met over the years that God still has his hand on us. Just imagine if we willingly came under the authority and protection of God how grateful should we be as a nation and how blessed we could be if we had the fullness of His blessing.

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