Prayer for England Day 117

There is greater blessing in God when we live under His grace rather than trying to live a righteous life. For our righteousness is like filthy rags to him………….. Isa 64:6. When we attempt to live according to his word and we continually get it wrong the pressure we are placing upon ourselves to be right with God is not how He intends us to behave. It is right to keep short accounts with God but for us to continue in the “having to get it right” mind-set is so not how He wants us to live. My sins past, present and future have been nailed to the cross. I fully understand people who don’t get this because its taken me many years as a Christian to fully appreciate this concept and nature of God, but when you fully get it it is an amazing freeing belief. It changes you as a person but with that freedom also comes greater responsibility.

When I first bought broadband for my computer after having dial-up a friend said to me that you need greater protection. I asked him why and he said because you have greater access and the nature of the internet is that there are greater risks of infection. This was a revelation to me because with this idea in mind I finally understood how God works and related the internet access to access with Him. When we live an open and gracious life with our eternal Father there is obviously one who would rather this not happen and will do all he can to confuse and frustrate our relationship and sense of peace in Him.

Having a repentant heart and willingness to hear God in your life is what it is all about for me. King David was a liar, adulterer, murderer and cheat but God called him “a man after God’s own heart”. King David kept short accounts with God and heard Him clearly when he got things wrong. Isn’t that a wonderful picture of grace and mercy for us to continue in the things of God.

I continue to pray and thank our eternal Father for this country’s  dealings with Israel. God clearly saw something in this nation in order to trust us with the facilitation of the Jewish nation into the land of Israel. Like King David we got things wrong but that doesn’t mean it has to continue. We are living under a curse but I fully believe with a national day of repentance for our behaviour towards Israel, we can rise once more to the challenge of living for Him.

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