Prayer for England Day 120

I have just been meditating on a scriptural truth that I believe the church has been in danger of not hearing. For many years I have seen young Christians, not necessarily physically young but young in faith having their gifts highlighted in front of the whole church before the person has had time to know the character of God. I know you might think this is nothing more than encouragement but to a young Christian it is hard not to feel a sense of pride at having to achieve something in order to be loved and accepted by God. The world has this concept well and truly owned in such a way that achievement is the key to prosperity and honour.

Jesus was in no doubt as to how much he was accepted by his Father. That was one of his great strengths when Jesus was baptised he had never healed anyone, never performed any miracles and never preached a sermon yet his Father spoke from heaven “This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased”. Acceptance is the key before we ever begin to think of servant-hood. Sustenance follows, where we have our resources constantly renewed and strength restored, this is also where we learn to love, have patience, courage, wisdom and discernment. We then have a sense of significance and lastly we have a sense of achievement. This is where the world has turned everything upside down so we need to make sure our young Christians grow the right way round. I have a sense of sadness for the church today who are so keen for the young to grow before they can barely speak with complete sentences in prayer. Prayer changes me to the core, it actually does nothing whatsoever for God. How could it? Is it going to make God better or bigger? No, it changes me.

I continue to pray for the church in this country to grow our young people the right way round and to be unafraid to chasten a young and excitable heart. I pray that the young in Jesus will learn the wisdom and nurturing Love of the Father who will only be able to further His Kingdom through a strong and gifted church.

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