Prayer for England Day 121

There are times when our journey of prayer twists and turns and we find ourselves on top of everything only to be wallowing in the depths of despair very soon after. Elijah confronted 900 false priests and then ran away from the threats of Queen Jezebel, his grasp of power collapses and he prays for death. There was clearly exhaustion after connecting with such power and this is often when we are at our most vulnerable, when we need to retreat and find afresh the love and renewing peace in God. Elisha in comparison had learned to not make the same mistakes and surrounded himself with prophets so that he was continuously supported spiritually. 

I try to learn by these tried and tested principals in my own spiritual life even when the easiest thing appears to be to run away. The one difficulty I have is surrounding myself with other Christians because for the most part I find them bigoted and ungracious. This is the church that I have been praying for knowing that it has to be stronger and more outward looking than it has ever been. I find it difficult if not challenging to love a people I’ve actually never been that fond of. The one way I have defeated my fears and dislikes in the past is to confront them head on and that is achieved by first acknowledging them.

I continue to intercede for the church in this nation to rise up and to be ready to be radical for him. I don’t actually know how that might be achieved but I’m excited at what is going to happen if we faithfully continue in prayer.

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