Prayer for England Day 122

A few days ago I attended a union meeting which shortly after arriving, wished I hadn’t. I was met with a barrage of criticism of the current government; which on one level I understand the fury of the union members but I believe their anger is displaced. I am keen for this blog not to become a political stage for blame but I was curious that no one was willing to accept responsibility on behalf of the political party they all felt was representing them. If we trace the problems within society as we see them now blame can only be accorded to the party that preceded our current government. It is so clear I’m appalled at people not be able to see things as clearly as I can. Everyone I mention this to has consistently blamed the banks, the world recession and falling property prices and choices made by the toxic debt debacle in the USA but absolutely no-one has accepted the blatant errors and incompetence of the last administration. That’s as far as I want to take this argument for now because I’m using this argument as a template for the wrongs that have been accorded upon Israel by successive administrations in the early part of the last century.

This country’s wrongs were so blatant and the behaviour so appalling, not to say evil against Israel after the Balfour Treaty was signed in 1917, that it’s as challenging for me for people not to see reason as the argument above is outlined. Regular readers will know that I have been interceding for the behaviour and wrong decisions to be put right before God and that we as a nation can formally apologise to Israel for breaking international law and sending millions of Jewish people to their deaths in Europe. This is certainly a dark stain in our history and it is unsurprising that no-one wants to accept responsibility for such a dark moment in time. The majority of people in this country would be shocked to the core if they knew the truth about our past. I was and still am. I have continued to stand in the gap for this country to continue in the love and nurturing of our eternal Father that we may establish a fresh and new covenant with the Father and so establish this nation as a protector for the nation of Israel.

I continue to pray that the scales fall from the eyes of those in authority and that realisation can envelope the hearts of those that cannot see. Although the past is too painful to accept I pray for those with a courageous heart to rise to the occasion.

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