Prayer for England Day 124

When we learn new skills we are really keen to start using them even though, as yet, we haven’t mastered them. I remember when I first learned to drive I couldn’t wait to get a car and have the amount of freedom the right to drive on my own gave me. In fact I remember the day I passed my driving test when I got back in the car with my tutor he wouldn’t let me drive. At the time I could never understand why but with hindsight I’ve come to realise that I would have been so excited and therefore quite liable to having an accident such was my almost uncontainable thrill.

I also remember when I first became a Christian being very excited but at the time I failed to see how my excitement could be placed into something of an exciting action. I have come to realise this action is prayer and intercession and for the most part amazing things can occur when completely trusting the living purpose in Jesus. Again with hindsight I never fully understood the significance of making such a decision. I was trying to impress someone else instead of fully accepting God. It wasn’t until sometime later that I felt captured by the love of God. Maybe it was that very first acceptance that sowed a seed that grew taking longer to filter through the hardness that had grown so deep. When the light shines into the deep, the seed through photosynthesis starts to respond slowly climbing to the surface. It was indeed several years after making that first decision that I realised how much I needed God in my life. The seed rose up and has finally started to blossom. My decision was 30 years ago and I feel more excited today than I’ve ever felt before.

I thought about this subject after arriving home today from a photography class that went through the basics of digital photography. My wife and I bought ourselves a combined birthday present last year of a Digital SLR camera. I learned some new skills today and was keen to get home and try to take some amazing shots sadly they were complete rubbish. This is where practice sets in and the skills we learn are developed through patience, practice and faithfulness.

I believe through my own faithfulness to my  decision to follow God’s still voice in my heart that He will do something incredible with my prayers and intercession. Who knows what? Who knows How? The wonderful thing is it won’t be me, I’ll just be standing by in awe at his ability.

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