Prayer for England Day 132

There really isn’t any doubt in my mind that we are a nation under judgement. I was speaking with a friend earlier today who is a teacher with over 2o years experience teaching secondary school children. My friend stated that throughout her career she has never been so disillusioned with the way teachers have been forced to engage their pupils. Gone are the days that a teacher could be entertaining and creative and engage pupils in a project that involved several different topics. There is a method that she  tried explaining to me that she stated she had difficulty understanding herself but from what she told me I have understood it in the following way.

If a pupil is, say, level A or B there is basically no assistance given to them because those children do not rank on the statistics that have to be met. If a child ranks say D or E then they are supported to get to a level C if they have previously been predicted that they could reach a C in their exams. Now in all of this there is one way of teaching pupils and that is to have a class of 30 children who all have different learning styles and mixed ability. There is no flexibility for a teacher to make allowances for children who do not understand the lesson. Learning styles are ignored, special needs children are largely ignored due to the additional cost in supporting children with a statement. I personally know of schools that make it almost impossible for parents to obtain a Statement of Educational Needs for their children. Teachers appear largely to just talk to the children from the front of the class and we wonder why so many children are failing.

Teachers themselves as if they don’t have enough to do have to complete a 1500 word teaching plan for every lesson. When she explained all this to me and much more, it had me reeling with confusion. Now, this is a subject I feel I need to return because the core of change within our society is education and, learning how to learn. It would appear that the root to all of this is a strong spiritual resistance to change and reason.

When I looked at the reasons that Britain turned its back on the Jewish nation it seems to me to be a lack of rational thinking. The more you get angry with it the further entrenched it becomes and the more damage it appears to cause. The above lack of rational thinking in terms of the educational establishment is very similar to the refusal to allow Israel to fully exist pre 1948. I will follow this line of thinking through the next few days because I believe that it is linked to more than just education. There is a link through all major elements to our society. 

I continue to pray for wisdom to fully expose the spiritual strongholds over our national organisations. I pray that people of understanding and spiritual maturity will be moved to make courageous decisions to make positive changes for the future of our children.  I continue to pray that God will raise up courageous people to say enough is enough.

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