Prayer for England Day 133

I’d like to continue from where we were yesterday where the educational system appears to be in a time of confusion and chaos. In my layman understanding of where schooling is today it appears that children have simply been forgotten. I have worked in the Youth Justice System for 10 years now and the amount of children I have met that were grade A students when they entered secondary education only to completely fall apart within 2 years is astonishing. These are children who have failed to be stimulated and challenged in the classroom and therefore get bored and cannot be contained. They do not fall into the remit of the school whereby they provide an appropriate level or “tick box” for the school to be seen to make an improvement.

The conversation I had yesterday highlights a very important point that those children who are at a Level A or B have nothing to work towards and they have no-one to further them. These are the children who the establishment is failing at a momentous level all because the intelligent child does not fall into a level that can be improved by the school. I’m sure there are many teachers much like my friend who no longer want to teach and so have found other ways to connect and offer children support. It is a blight on education itself that this can be allowed to continue and the more we get angry the more the spiritual stronghold denies a rational response.

Whenever I assess a child or young person I always ask them to describe themselves in 3 words and to inform me of their dreams and aspirations for the future. Many of these young people cannot describe themselves at all and for aspirations many openly admit they have no goal they wish to achieve. Children have forgotten what it is God placed in their heart which I say with unreserved fervour, for I truly believe God places a dream in all of our hearts when we are born. Unfortunately that gift is often snatched away by the eternal thief within our midst.

I continue to intercede and engage in spiritual warfare for our nation to respond to a spiritual sense of doing the right thing and no man can do more than the right thing.

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