Prayer for England Day 134

The Rt. Hon.Michael Gove MP the minister for education appears to be a man with conviction but unfortunately he is hampered by a rather weak and limp coalition government. I do have some sympathies with teachers for reasons discussed in the last few days but there appears to be a traditional contempt for anything that isn’t left thinking. Recently Mr Gove stated that he would facilitate unannounced Ofsted inspections which I guess for teachers who are poorly trained or are unable to make the grade must be a major headache, or anything but stress relief. Now Mr Gove has back-peddled on his decision due to pressure I’m guessing from the weakness within the coalition.

Surely it must be something that would ultimately strengthen the education system which currently appears to be fixated on a doctrine of equality of outcomes. The Labour party and the educational establishment has been obsessed with this idea for many years now. The dumbing down of education is something that I believe is contrary to the way God would have us live. Education is the key with which we first enquire and then we harvest that knowledge into a relationship with the eternal Father. Education as it is meant to be offered gives us tools to seek and discover  and from there we strengthen society by the convictions we hold which then direct us to do the right thing for our fellow man.

Some children are simply not designed to go to university, they don’t have the capacity to sit in a classroom and study for many hours. The left thinking says that you are entitled to have a degree and if you’re not capable then we’ll design an educational system that will allow you to achieve even if it means that after you have your degree you still won’t be able to use a thesaurus. We’ll even make low ranking educational establishments call themselves universities, just for you. I don’t mean to be cynical or malicious but this is utter madness that we have to make these children a laughing stock; because who will want to employ someone with a degree which in real terms means absolutely nothing. I sometimes laugh out loud at some of the degree subjects that are being offered. I won’t taint these pages with such idiocy in naming them.

I continue to pray for people like Michael Gove who appear to have insight into the effects of poor decision making that has plagued our country for many years. I continue to pray that our eternal Father will raise up courageous men and women to stand against the tide of wrong thinking within society. I pray for us to continue in strength pursuing righteousness and honour for His glory. 

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