Prayer for England Day 135

Today is such a day that I wanted to give up on everything, my job, praying for our nation and everything else that came my way. I cannot remember a time when I felt so down about the way our nation is heading. I was incredibly rude all day to people who I respect and admire but the one thing I realised after returning home was at some point I had to apologise to everyone I was rude to. I e-mailed, sent text messages apologising for my actions and the interesting thing is within a short period of time I had peace in my heart for all my actions earlier in the day. Simplistic I know, but how true is it apologising and freeing one’s self from the slave of contempt and anger? Incredibly so. 

Being British is an amazing feeling because God trusted us so much that he gave us responsibility for facilitating a national homeland for his people, the Jewish nation. They are a unique people full of self worth and blessing beyond compare. To bless a Jew is to bless oneself and to bless the national homeland of the Jews, Israel, is a blessing beyond imagination. I continue to pray and intercede for our nation to formerly apologise for our behaviour towards Israel after the signing of the Balfour declaration in 1917. We acted with scarce understanding after the war and made allies with the Arabs in return for oil. Britain needed to be rebuilt because the backbone of our nation, fathers, sons and husbands returned from war crushed and unable to accept their standing within the family and the wider society. The matriarchal spirit dominated and to a degree still does and the men out of their impotence have become angry and lost and this nation is suffering from what I shall call; the absence of father-ship.

The last time this nation held the Olympic Games was in 1948 the same year that the British Mandate for Palestine came to an end. Wouldn’t it be fitting if we could formerly apologise to the nation of Israel for reneging on our legal obligations towards the Jewish nation at the turn of the last century? I pray that the corridors of power can see the error of our past generations decisions and put the righteous foot forward in reparation for the past.

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