Prayer for England Day 137

The healing of the land is an important part of restoring God’s blessing to this nation. In the book of Judges God’s people cried out to God in repentance for the actions that were carried out in the past; then the Lord raises up a new leader upon whom the spirit has fallen and the invaders oppressive rule is broken under charismatic ministry and leadership. For many years within the Christian community much has been written about taking cities and  countries for God but discernment is required to ascertain the powers and principalities that bind a society.  The blood spilled on a land needs to be understood within context and the time at which it was spilled. I  believe that present actions and behaviours within communities up and down our nation would be of no surprise if research were done to find out what historical events occurred on and within the land.

There are those who appear to somehow spiritually embrace a sense of behaviour towards others that is synonymous with events many years if not centuries before. There are communities up and down this country that have suffered at the hands of continued disillusionment and poverty. Others have suffered violence and no matter what steps are taken to eradicate such behaviour nothing changes.

There is only one answer; to acknowledge the cause and then ask for the blood of the one who came to save us all, Jesus. The harshest curse can be broken and the bloodiest deaths can be healed. He is the answer and He is the reason that this nation will become great once more.

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