Prayer for England Day 138

To fully realise what it is God has placed in your heart and then to discover the journey with which he has placed before us can be a liberating experience. There are many things in my life that I can remember feeling very excited about and then pursuing them with enthusiasm only to get to a place where fear captured my thoughts which affected how I continued in my quest. I believe that the dreams God places within us never leave us but only grow if we allow them to be nurtured and fed.

I’ve learned more about my own life and dreams by watching the trees and plants in our garden at home. The way plants are pruned and cut back so that order can be established when the time is right to grow is enlightening. Nothing can actually stop someone growing amid all their talents and gifts but if we grow without being purposefully positioned then we do not bare profitable fruit. The fruit that is produced is usually dependant on the past nurturing and development of the plant. If we consider ourselves as a plant, then the more God decides to prune us and develop and train how we grow the more profit He will make with the fruit that we produce. We can assist this process by stop resisting and completely giving up on what it is we want to prove. We belong to God and so He can do with us as He pleases.

I often meet people who have resisted the process of our eternal Gardener and continue their lives growing fruit that becomes so ripe and yet is unattainable by anyone. A metaphor for this is occurrence is the fruit on our pear tree at home. The fruit that is at the top of the tree looks the ripest. The pears look so big and slightly reddened by the sun only to have no flavour because they have rotted with the amount of sugar caused by the exposure to the elements. They are at the top of the tree and therefore the hardest to reach.

I believe people who think of themselves as elitist are much like the fruit at the top of the tree and their talents and abilities have refused to be brought under the authority of God. Therefore they do not release a pleasing flavour to the Lord and so their ministries generally lose credibility and often gain a negative reputation and are of no use.

If we acknowledged our differences and accepted each others talents the church in this country would be a force to be reckoned with.  I continue to pray that our nation will be released in the heavenlies to establish a God given strategy for affecting His eternal plans.

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