Prayer for England Day 139

History repeats itself, it has to, nobody listens!

                                                             Steve Turner

According to Rev. Russ Parker history will be repeat itself until it is healed. Unhealed history is like a nightmare, because all the time we cut ourselves off from facing the most painful or challenging part, it will return to haunt us. Therefore, part of the spirit’s drive within us is not to take us away from the world but to lead us into the world. He does this with the purpose and perspective of locating society’s points of pain, the stories associated with them and the repeated cycle of destructive living they produce and teaches us to become an appropriate resource  for renewal and healing. The prayer of representational confession is one powerful avenue  for this work of corporate healing. However, it is not an alternative to working for justice and peace and good politics within our societies. In so doing we declare that the church, the people of God, belongs within and for its community and that its Saviour and Lord wishes to bring healing not just to individuals but also to communities.

I believe God is refreshing the church at present in such a way that they are learning to tolerate each other and hopefully love each other. I believe that if the church can truly realise this then the world is more likely to want to learn to love the same way. I believe the only message that will be attractive enough for the world to believe in a God they cannot see; is to see the love of those they can see. Only then will they be able to experience the truth for themselves.

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