Prayer for England Day 140

The scars left on the land reach out and affect communities that have often paid enormous sacrifices. A very vivid example of this was a story I recently read concerning the casino that was opened in Douglas on the Isle of Man it wasn’t open for very long before a man was murdered which was later reported as being a drugs related offence. Years later the casino lay derelict with a reputation for drugs use and other related offending behaviour. The land bears the scars of emotional torment and behaviour.

In northern Ireland churches and Christian groups have taken to prayer walking and after years of trouble with the land bearing untold legacies of carnage are beginning to reap healed communities. In the north of England there is a place called The Holy Island of Lindisfarne with a history of early Celtic saints who spent many years praying for our nation. These saints walked the length and breadth of our country covering the land in prayer which in my mind has soaked supernaturally into the very soil and has affected many areas for the benefit of those who hold pilgrimages deep in their faith. A friend of mine recently returned from Lindisfarne who told me it is known as a “thin place”. By this it means there is not a lot of obstruction from relating closely in prayer to our eternal Father. I find this an exciting fact that we can benefit from the prayerful sacrifices of those from centuries past.

We can also suffer the consequences of those acts of destruction and defilement taken by previous governments that have disregarded God’s word. Regular readers of this blog know that I am passionate about the future blessing of our nation and that former governments who contradicted the Balfour declaration of 1917 have reaped judgement on our country. By not facilitating the mandate to Palestine and sending many thousands, probably millions of Jews to their deaths has scarred our land beyond recognition. I wanted to say beyond redemption but I don’t feel we’re that far down the slippery road just yet, but I fear we could be if we don’t start acting out in faith. There is one thing that keeps me still in my spirit and it is the knowledge that I know a gracious and merciful God that will never let us go.

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