Prayer for England Day 141

Turning up the spiritual heat is a term that I have come to acknowledge and understand completely since becoming a Christian and realising a desire to follow the heart of my eternal Father. I can see within society a need for people to belong, to be loved and understood, to have purpose and to affect change. Unfortunately so many of us today do not have the insight or eloquence with which to articulate the need with which to venture forth and claim what in essence is ours for the taking.

The dreams that our eternal Father places within our hearts are to be pursued with enthusiasm and unwavering passion. This, I believe, significantly fulfils His purpose in our lives. I don’t think God will ever place hurtful, malicious or selfish endeavours in our hearts he will only further His kingdom and equip us to empower our fellow man in discovering and fulfilling their own quest. In order to strengthen and sustain us in our journey God often places situations and challenging issues in our lives that cause us to draw deeper into Him. This is what I have always regarded as turning up the spiritual temperature.

This not only occurs within our individual lives it also happens to nations that have been given a particular mandate to establish His desires within a global framework. I believe that Britain was given a mandate to introduce and establish Jesus to the world. There is little doubt that the church is currently under huge attack and the temperature is causing Christians to question and press into God like never before. I believe that God is also shaking His church into action, prayer and intercession for the age of darkness is firmly upon us. 

I do also believe there is a spiritual caveat; which is for Britain to repent of their past behaviour towards Israel which itself would give this nation an unshakeable position in global politics and economics. 

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