Prayer for England Day 142

I sleep but my heart is awake

                                                                                        Songs of Solomon 5:2

When I was a small boy I was regularly chastised for being a dreamer. My teachers at school used to write home saying that I wasn’t paying attention in class and I was one of those kids whose school report always stated that “he could do better”. I remember clearly I was about 5 years old when I had a dream in bed one night that I would be a writer and I remember the very next thought “I couldn’t possibly do that I’m not clever enough.” I remember also how for a while I believed I could until I started to tell people and became discouraged by their response. I then began to limit myself by the things I felt I could achieve in my own strength instead of relying completely on God. I think this is more my adult self rationalising how I must have been feeling at the time but nevertheless I think sometimes we are the limiters of our own futures by thinking it is us who is achieving our own selfish ambition and we won’t go beyond what we are capable of as individuals. The world in which we live has conditioned us into a success mind-set and for us to have a sense of selfish achievement.

I don’t for one minute think ambition is wrong but what is the root of that ambition? Is it to prove a point to the world in which case doesn’t that say I need healing? If my ambition is to have a huge house and an overwhelming bank account doesn’t that also mean I need healing? There’s nothing wrong with money and wealth but if my rationale or desire falls short of God’s purpose then there is clearly something within me that still needs to be healed.

Well, I’m far from a small boy now and I’m still a dreamer and I have a deeper understanding of my purpose in life. God speaks to me in amazing ways thorough pictures and stories that I always make a point of writing down, working through them and establishing whether this is a dream I need to act upon. Well over a third of the bible is committed to dreams and visions but it is the least talked about aspect of spirituality. I have a theory that people are out of touch with their inner child and they feel that to discuss and pursue dreams is child like and insignificant.

I also have  theory that there are those men and women in the corridors of power who have had dreams and visions for our country to become a source of good for the world. I feel that they have no support in how to facilitate their dreams into being and I continue to pray there are ways that we can bring our dreams and visions to the forefront and share these visions with people we trust. I pray that the encouragers in the world will do just that and encourage and help facilitate those of us with the courage to dream. One of my favourite quotations is from Walt Disney If you can imagine it you can do it.

Go ahead and dream a dream and then have fun living it!!

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