Prayer for England Day 143

Replacement theology is the false teaching that states that Israel has become opponents of God and that the Church is now the new Israel and that Christians are now God’s chosen people. I don’t for one minute accept this as being the case, if it were, then God isn’t someone I would want to follow. In my view God is faithful beyond compare He is resilient beyond all our comprehension of faithfulness and love and will never let his people go. I have experienced first hand the love and continued strength with which God has never failed me. I have thought that he was never going to come to my rescue on occasions or felt he was just going to leave me to be lost in the sea of confusion that is……well, life. But God has never been late in making himself known that I belong to Him. That just does it for me.

Replacement theology is a lie that has crept into the church and mainstream Christian thinking that has helped eradicate the need for this country to respond in repentance towards Israel in how we got things so wrong. It has heralded the belief within the hierarchical machinations of government and the Church that Israel are no longer God’s chosen people and that what we did can be conveniently forgotten. To remember the past in such calamitous circumstances is a very painful and some might say damaging exercise for Britain to administer. I believe that in not repenting publicly for such a public display of betrayal towards Israel is at best denial and at worst negligence towards the British people. I say the British people because ultimately the machinations of church and government are denying us the very best of God’s grace and mercy and for the curse that is so clearly laid bare on our nation to continue.

I feel passionately about this but feel that the prayer task I was drawn to is speedily coming to a conclusion. I feel frustrated and lost for further action towards something I have become so dedicated to. I feel the only action is for God to be God in this situation and I pray for wisdom in how to continue my quest.

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