Prayer for England Day 144

There is no doubt that our nation needs our prayers now more than ever, particularly concerning the euro-zone situation as reported in the news over the past few days. It appears we are in a crisis management scenario but the one thing for those of us who believe in the eternal Father, we have someone who I know will see us through.

Greece is looking as though they will be pulling out of the euro and this leaves everyone else in unchartered territory and in a kind of land of the unknown. When people say to me “you don’t sound worried” my answer is always “I’m not”. I look upon this as my way of evangelising and having peace of mind in worshiping the living God and to have the relationship of stillness and safety. Yes I do have bad days when my humanity gets too close and personal, I sometimes get very vocal about how I can’t cope but this normally doesn’t last for long before I realise, of course!, He is in complete control.

The one thing I’ve come to realise after being in relationship with the one true God is that he is faithful and the more he answers my prayers the more likely I am to ask and trust him for more. The more my prayers are answered the more daring I become when I ask for bigger and more unbelievable things. The more daring I become enables me to have more expectation and that is what my interpretation of faith is; that He will of course answer my prayers, always. To ask for the unseen believing it to be formed in the unknown and to experience the signs of belief when you see them answered is an amazing feeling. 

I feel a sense of uplifting in the spirit today and have no idea why I just believe that with all the prayers of the past months something is going to shift for our nation. It may well not be something that I expect and more likely could never imagine but I believe I’ll know when it happens. The one thing I’m more excited about is that it won’t have been me who’s responsible it will be my God.

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