Prayer for England Day 146

Lately I have been feeling deprived of experiencing an extended time of worship in a corporate environment. I really miss just spending time with my arms outstretched and just lost in the presence of God. I often feel frustrated when I attend church and the pattern of the service goes something like this; song, sit down, notice , stand up,  song, sit down, stand up, song etc. I don’t feel this is actually giving people the chance to experience God in a transformational worship form. Instead it really is just doing what we think we should be doing and sadly I believe it misses the point of worship.

There are many forms of worship and I do firmly believe that the most underrated form of worship is doing what we do everyday, our work. God has gifted us to specifically serve the community and society in whatever it is we do for a living. Our everyday jobs are all forms of worship to the God that gave us the ability to create and make choices for those in need. Unfortunately we live within a society where change is poorly considered to be a viable option for those who want to better their lives. They want different lives without the sacrifice of change.

When we choose the way of worshipping Jesus we acknowledge that our lives are going to change, there is the added sacrifice of asking Him what it is he requires of us. The thing is will we be become obedient to His calling on our lives? I have met many people in the past 12 months and maybe over a longer period than that who have made statement such as “I hate being told what to do”. I fear for people with that attitude because in most spheres of life we are required to do what we are told. People with that mind-set I feel are very difficult to bring a witness of God to their lives. We worship a God who requires obedience to the calling He places on our life.

I continue to worship my God and to consider prayerfully the task and journey before me. I might not always like it but I know the journey will be safer than the alternative which is likely to be feathered with thorns and snakes.

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