Prayer for England Day 147

I have to confess I have felt more like Ebenezer Scrooge for the past few days with my bah humbug approach to the Olympic Games. I am not a sportsman and I have the physique to prove it, I have scant interest in anything to do with sport, even watching it. The whole of the country is beginning to hype up for the big event with the Olympic torch being journeyed around the nation. I have concerns that we as a nation are about to fumble across one of the biggest errors in our country’s history. The mistake that every single Olympic nation before us has appeared to have had difficulties with and that is “legacy”. Have we never wanted to learn from the mistakes of others? Are we really so arrogant that we think we know best? I have longed for this nation to succeed and I continue to pray that we do, but history does count for something and it pays good dividend to listen to it. As I highlighted someone else’s quote the other day “history repeats itself, it has to because, nobody listens.”

Unless God moves abundantly we are in danger of having no legacy for those young people following us in years to come. The last 2 Olympic venues in Beijing and Athens are both completely overgrown with no investors in sight. The way forward for our own has proved to be a debacle from very early on with promises of a football stadium while almost every expert opinion stating, as it stands, it is not suited to host soccer games.

The attitude that the British authorities have been displaying over this issue, in my view, is very reminiscent of the attitude that was so prevalent during the 2 World Wars. The attitude says “we are British and we know best” has long since proved to be our failing in international affairs. This, I believe, is part of the curse we are currently subject to and one that can only be broken with prayer and petition before God.

I continue to cry out for Christian men and women in this country to be brought to the forefront of politics and to be unafraid of the fallout when making statements that affirm the one true living God. I pray for boldness strength and courage to maintain our nation for His glory to be fulfilled.

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