Prayer for England Day 148

I feel minded to continue with some of the thinking I was writing about yesterday. History will indeed repeat itself until we start learning the lessons it is keen for us to know and experience. How many people do you know that have always been drawn to the same type of partner and the partner always appears to behave in the same manner as the last? How many mistakes do we continue to make in our jobs after failing to heed the warnings of the previous problems that are all too familiar with the current ones?

I can relate to some of these scenarios myself but thankfully I have always listened to what history is trying to tell me. We also see these problems in the church where there is one church split after another and when these issues are analysed history has repeated itself very successfully without anyone having the courage to say “I see it now, please forgive me and help me to change.” I’m not saying for one minute that to accept change is an easy thing, it isn’t and why should it be? Change is essential in order for us to grow because our eternal Father loves us so much he would not have us stay as we are. Change is incredibly painful because we are essentially changing shape when we are stretched; there is room for more whether that be emotionally, physically or mentally. 

God requires us to be in the words of Chuck Swindoll “the bible for those never likely to read one.” I have become very interested in contemporary history and particularly local history and how to draw lessons from the land that cries out in pain yearning us to take note. I have a theory which I won’t share just yet but I believe that the riots last summer were a reflection of a deeper discontent than that reported. The attention that the riots got were placing a tear in the land that needs to be healed, if this is not heeded there will be more. I believe now is such a time this nation of ours needs to listen and take time to know God’s desire for this country. I continue to pray and seek the heart of God, for the land seeks peace within heartbeat of the Father to such a degree that if it isn’t heard the cry will only get louder.

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