Prayer for England Day 152

Anger is a strange emotion isn’t it? When you feel angry you inevitably feel guilty that as a Christian you shouldn’t feel this way then after you rationalise it you then come to the conclusion that your anger is justified and there is of course such a term as righteous anger. Particularly over the past 10 years I have come to welcome these feelings instead of of being afraid of them, there was such a time when my anger was the emotion that I felt closest to. It had been my role model because my father’s anger was also the emotion he was closest to. I tried and eventually understood where my father’s anger came from and by taking the time to understand I learned how to use my anger in a more creative way. My father was one of 13 children and he had one brother. I’m not saying that he became angry because he was surrounded by women but his mother treated him appallingly.

My father served his national service in the British Army and was away from home for 2 years. When he arrived home his mother had either sold or pawned everything he owned. He arrived back home on his birthday just before Christmas and as a birthday present his mother gave him the pawn ticket to redeem his suit which he had to pay for himself. You see my dad had never raised a hand in anger towards his mother or any other woman for that matter and so he just pressed down and buried all the rampaging vileness that he held in tact towards his mother. Freud talks about emotional leakage and my father’s anger would often leak out into other aspects of his life. I remember as a kid sometimes his anger was out of context to the subject he appeared to be angry with.  

I’m not going to continue discussing my own reasons for feeling angry because right now I’m feeling really creative and I’m dealing with it in an appropriate manner that pleases me. When I look at the way this country cheated and lied about the Jewish nation I can fully understand how some of the older Jewish people still despise the British. I continue to pray and lift their hearts to God so that he may soften their spirit in order to accept repentance from us. I do believe this country will fall to the spirit of repentance, it has to at some point; the only thing is how low will we have to fall before we realise that repentance is the only way forward and that to repent will lift up our nation once more to fulfil our eternal purpose for His glory.

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